In Development: 3D Scene Viewer in Radegast

These couple of videos shows progress we have been making in bringing full 3D viewing capability to Radegast. If you want to check it out for yourself you can download the nightly build. Keep in mind that this functionality is very experimental still.

Update: Aug 6, added water reflection demo video

Texture animations, targt omega, vehicles

Mesh sim

Water reflections

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  1. Wum’s avatar

    Your biking skills are awesome! ;-)
    Does this development mean, you are going to get out of the “minimalistic viewer for low pc resource usage” – corner with Radegast?

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      No, this 3D scene view is entirely optional. If you don’t start it Radegast will work just as it did before. You can also, open Scene Viewer, take a look and close it down again to stop using much CPU.

  2. Caixa Magica’s avatar

    Didn’t work for me. A huge crash after clicking the 3D scene tab.
    Too bad, but I’m still waiting for a light text client with some nice graphical action.
    It would be awsome to see that running on my netbook ;)

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      Caixa, I’ve done some improvements to compatibility checking in the latest build, could you please try to see if the latest nightly snapshot works?

      1. Caixa Magica’s avatar

        I’ve tried, it still crashed the same way. I hope this log helps.

        Stopped working

        Assinatura do problema:
        Nome do Evento de Problema: CLR20r3
        Assinatura do Problema 01: radegast.exe
        Assinatura do Problema 02:
        Assinatura do Problema 03: 4e40214b
        Assinatura do Problema 04: mscorlib
        Assinatura do Problema 05:
        Assinatura do Problema 06: 4d8cdd0e
        Assinatura do Problema 07: c43
        Assinatura do Problema 08: 59
        Assinatura do Problema 09: System.FormatException
        Versão do SO: 6.1.7601.
        ID de Região: 2070

  3. me’s avatar

    enjoy your life of failure, adolf. welcome to america.

    you truly are a uterus.

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