Radegast 2.18

Version 2.18 is a minor update to Radegast. Download links and release notes.

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  1. Skunkie’s avatar

    Good to see you again, just know you have avid supporters. Just as all I can say, do what you can when you can, the community is here for you.

    1. adel’s avatar

      yeah, i agree, the community is here for you.

  2. Grateful’s avatar

    Hey Latif. I wasn’t expecting any updates because of your health. Thanks. Hope you are doing okay. email me any time okay? Peace.

  3. Skully Roberts’s avatar

    I’m still here. Still trying to make a well-running osx version of Radegast. Still suckish at coding. But I refuse to give up! ^-^

    And it makes me super happy that we have activity again! Yaaaay! ^-^

  4. Oriyn Destiny’s avatar

    Welcome back, it’s great to see the Radegast team alive and well :)

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