Road’s End

It saddens me to have to inform you that I won’t be able to continue work on Radegast or my other opensource projects. My health has been deteriorating over the past few years to this point where my use of computers is down to just a few minutes daily. Not being able to work for several years bring its own set of problems.

Radegast is opensource so if there is interest people could continue improving it.

It’s been a great pleasure working with the Radegast and the wider Second Life communities.


  1. Gwyneth Llewelyn’s avatar

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health :( I wish that you can quickly recover, or at least, start some sort of treatment to improve your health again.

    Radegast was a major achievement of creating a SL viewer without sharing any of LL’s code, and, as such, remains relatively unique — it’s such a pity to see this awesome project disappear. Alas, as always, dealing with one’s health is a priority!

    Best of luck with your recovery.

  2. RedMokum Bravin’s avatar

    Dear Latif,

    I remember how much of a sparring partner you were for the Lindens when there was still a great team of programmers attending meetings twice a week.
    With you present there would be never a dull meeting. The outspoken personality, great knowledge of the matter at hand and often witty remarks cannot be forgotten.
    The least I can do is send you a donation so I hope you kept your Paypal account intact.
    Be careful with your remaining energy bro. There will always be injustice in the world but right now you have to preserve what you have left for yourself.
    Thank you for all that you have accomplished for us and for a better world.

  3. Talla Adam’s avatar

    I’m very sorry to hear about your health problems Latif and I hope you can get well. Thank you for the Radegast Metaverse client and all the work you have done over the years on this and other open source projects. You will be sorely missed. All the best.

  4. Han Held’s avatar

    Take care of yourself, we’re all very grateful for the many contributions that you’ve made to the open source metaverse. I hope that work and health improve for you -you will be greatly missed!

  5. dahlia’s avatar

    This is sad news indeed :( Here’s wishing you the best for your health issues. Many thanks for Radegast and all your contributions to libOpenMetaverse, all your OpenSim patches and your help when I was working on mesh and other features for OpenSim. Oh, and that awesome Replex skin and and and… way too many to mention. I hope things change for the better for you soon.

  6. Arielle Popstar’s avatar

    Well wishes Latif as you move onto a new chapter in your life. Your contributions and general helpfulness in the Opensim community has done much to give us some of the features we now take for granted. Your efforts in squashing the 4096 bug being my personal favourite. As you found a way to crush that limitation, I pray you find a way to do the same for the limitation you are currently experiencing in your personal life so that one day we may see you again. Be well.

  7. Bill Nickels (Nicky Perian)’s avatar

    Thank you for all you have contributed to
    opensource projects.

    Please attend to yourself.

  8. Lance Corrimal’s avatar

    dude, good luck and get better!

  9. radj’s avatar

    will the client continue to work????

  10. Zi Ree’s avatar

    Hey Latif! Sorry to hear about your health and it’S sad news to see Radegast going on hiatus. But you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. I hope you know how big your work was, and how grateful we all are for what you gave us with Radegast! Hopefully there will be someone to pick up the project and continue development as it deserves!

    All the best!

  11. Marcus Llewellyn’s avatar

    There’s so many things I can point out to people and say, “Latif did that.” You’re a big reason why the metaverse has prospered as it has. Thank you so much, and all the best to you!

  12. ssm2017’s avatar

    thank you a lot for giving to the world your knowledge and skills and show to the people that sharing is important in the metaverse.
    i wish you to be able to overcome your pain.

  13. Shaun Erickson (Smxy/Shaun Emerald)’s avatar

    Good luck, Latif. I hope you’re able to get your health under control. Thank you for fixing the “4096 bug” last year.

  14. Penny Lavie’s avatar

    Not only am I fervent admirer of your contribution to projects but your stance towards the greater good of opensource communities. We seem to share many ideals.
    Best regards

  15. Eryn Galen’s avatar

    What Marcus Llewellyn said!
    Thank you for everything you did, a lot of which went unnoticed by the wider community – and for your kindness and helpfulness. I hope your health problems can be remedied or at least lessened. Please take care of yourself!

  16. Damian Zhaoying’s avatar

    Sorry yo hear about that. I hope your healt come better soon. Take care yourself and so many thanks for all your work!


  17. Zak Escher’s avatar

    Thank you so much for your work. I only know of you from using Radegast, but I have enjoyed using the viewer and hope to continue using it in the future.

    I am so sorry to learn of your health problems. Please take care of yourself.

  18. Gwador Merlin’s avatar

    Sad day today… i’m sorry to hear that.

    Get better, Latif. Health comes first.

    And… Thank you.

  19. Tracy Olmstead’s avatar


    Thank you for all your many contributions.

    I wish you all the best.

  20. sirhc deSantis’s avatar

    Thank you for all of your work and contributions. Please take good care of yourself. Wishing you all the best.

  21. Inara Pey’s avatar

    You’ve been – and are – a towering force within the community (and a great friend to occasionally bump heads with over the years! :) ). It’s been great getting to know you over time, and a privilege in having you as a friend – thank you for all you’ve done viewer-wise, contributions-wise, community-wise.

    The number one thing now is to look after Number One. Very much hope that with time and space, things will imporve on the health front for you.

  22. Fleur’s avatar

    I’m so sorry to heard about your health, Latif, first before all you need to take care of yourself. Many thanks for all your awesome contributions to community. I hope there will be somebody else able to continue all this great works.

    wishing you the best, and I hope your health can improve in the future.

  23. Naiki Muliaina’s avatar

    Thank you for your years of awesome. Best wishes with the health problems!

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