Radegast 2.16 Released

The release 2.14 of Radegast shipped with a couple of bugs, one of which prevented the speech plugin from functioning. This is critical feature for Radegast’s blind and visually impaired users, which prompted quick fix and release of Radegast 2.16 today.

Also, our wiki now contains extensive accessibility guide that helps blind and visually impaired access and enjoy Second Life using Radegast. Many thanks to Roxie Marten and Celene Highwater for writing the guide.

You can download this release from our downloads page.


New Features and Improvements

  • [RAD-451] – Allow IM ding on every message
  • [RAD-464] – Speech plugin improvements
  • [RAD-468] – Add ability to set maturity access level
  • [RAD-469] – Initialize avatar on first login

Bug Fixes

  • [RAD-462] – TTS speech plugin no longer works and seems to now crash the client
  • [RAD-463] – Unable to delete things in inventory screen.
  • [RAD-466] – Cannot eject user from group where I have assigned tag/role to eject


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows and Mono 2.10 and newer on Linux. On Mac OSX installation of XQuartz and Mono is required (instructions on the downloads page).

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