Radegast 2.8 Released

The Radegast Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Radegast version 2.8. With this release Radegast implements the latest additions to the Second Life protocol such as server side baking, interest list modifications, etc.

You can download this release from our downloads page.

Full release notes:

New Features and Improvements

  • [RAD-69] – Have group "surl" clickable.
  • [RAD-190] – Mac OSX Version
  • [RAD-208] – Auto sit on object after login or teleport
  • [RAD-209] – New Feature Request: Sit Target on Login
  • [RAD-221] – Auto-sit feature
  • [RAD-308] – Add "Login" option to File drop down
  • [RAD-314] – "Backup" option for single folders in inventory
  • [RAD-342] – Missing functions: Face to / Go to (when right-clicking avatar in Chat Tab)
  • [RAD-347] – Log online/offline notifications in IM
  • [RAD-353] – Detach objects through Object Tracker
  • [RAD-354] – Ability to persist in a specific region and optionally always sit on a specific object
  • [RAD-393] – Implement Server Side Baking
  • [RAD-49] – Save group memeber list as txt or csv, if more fields are available?
  • [RAD-104] – Make AV names in group chat clickable to open profile
  • [RAD-316] – Radegast causes minimized window to blink on taskbar only when new item appears in unfocused tab
  • [RAD-319] – Allow specify highlight in task bar for IM only
  • [RAD-351] – Remove buttons from the list of nearby avatar. Funtionality has been moved to right click context menu
  • [RAD-365] – Display group ID on the group profile
  • [RAD-373] – Implement support for llTextBox()
  • [RAD-383] – Object Viewer window should show master avatar name too
  • [RAD-390] – Radegast can't handle AgentStateUpdate messages
  • [RAD-391] – Add ability to report status of last application run to the grid login service
  • [RAD-394] – Support large groups

Bug Fixes

  • [RAD-161] – Standing while in "No Stand" situation
  • [RAD-188] – Song field in Media tab no longer works
  • [RAD-284] – Voice functions to not designate Sound Drivers
  • [RAD-302] – Huge number of 'Error in sound action' reports in log
  • [RAD-317] – Enabling voice causes program to crash
  • [RAD-324] – Radegast proves unable to work on systems with OSS v4 installed as a sound driver
  • [RAD-343] – Configure/disable LookAt Beacon (client identification possible)
  • [RAD-344] – Replace Outfit does not store multiple attachment points at next login
  • [RAD-346] – File / Reconnect not greyed out after Reconnect
  • [RAD-348] – New Windows Steal Typing Focus
  • [RAD-350] – [PATCH] Context Menu in 3D View only passes Prim.ID to the ContextActionManager, not the whole primitive.
  • [RAD-352] – Offline group notices don't show group name or insignia on login
  • [RAD-356] – Pseudo home cannot be turned off
  • [RAD-359] – group notices not working
  • [RAD-370] – uv coordinates on tortured spheres dont match LL viewer (patch attached)
  • [RAD-372] – Names not recorded in IM logs
  • [RAD-384] – The //tp command and some other functionality
  • [RAD-388] – Enabling voice causes program to crash
  • [RAD-392] – Interest list updates render object tracker non functional


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows and Mono 2.4 and newer on Linux (2.6 highly recommended, 2.8 will not work due to bugs in it). On Mac OSX installation of XQuartz and Mono is required (instructions on the downloads page).

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