Radegast 2.6 Released

The Radegast Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Radegast version 2.6. Highlights of this maintenance release:

  • Better support for inventory links
  • Added missing inventory folder icons, support for the new marketplace direct delivery notifications
  • Better avatar shape support and smoother animations in the scene viewer

Full release notes:

New Features and Improvements

  • [RAD-333] – Follow links when doing “Replace Outfit”
  • [RAD-340] – Allow ability to disable IM and chat logging
  • [RAD-341] – Add support for ‘Received Items” for Marketplace direct delivery
  • [RAD-329] – Ability to either list attached objects, non-attached objects or all objects
  • [RAD-326] – Added new buttons on the IM tab

Bug Fixes

  • [RAD-331] – //follow does not follow
  • [RAD-332] – Some avatar unable to login with “invalid character” error message at login
  • [RAD-339] – Mispelled text: Object x ownded by y is asking permission to Trigger Animation.


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows and Mono 2.4 and newer on Linux (2.6 highly recommended, 2.8 will not work due to bugs in it). You can download this release from our downloads page.

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  1. Pud’s avatar

    I just hafta say, “WOW!!”

    Had to send my (new) laptop in for repairs, forcing me to my old one that can’t handle full SL rendering without overhearting, so relegated to a “text” viewer, in the interim. What you’ve done here, is nothing short of outstanding. Way t’go!!

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