Radegast 2.2 Released

The Radegast Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Radegast version 2.2.

This release adds support for multiple attachments on the same point, temporary texture uploads, ability to see you own attachments in the object tracker so it is possible to view their content, edit scripts and notecards, etc. It also adds the ability to change the profile and pick pictures and find them in your inventory if already set. Inventory backup can save snapshots and textures in addition to notecards and scripts. There are no changes to the Scene Viewer except for fixes for a couple of crashes.

Version 2.0 has introduced a crash logger and we have received many reports. Thank you for opting to send them! One common problem that we can see is that people forget to install .NET 3.5SP1. So a reminder for Windows users, if Radegast fails to even start, you have probably forgotten to install it. Download and install .NET 3.5SP1 now.

The full release notes for version 2.2:

New Features and Improvements

  • [RAD-292] – Add Francogrid to grid presets
  • [RAD-293] – Add option to save images and inventory list to inventory backup
  • [RAD-297] – Allow updating of pictures in profile picks
  • [RAD-310] – Display megaprims even if their center is beyond the draw distance as long as their closest edge is within
  • [RAD-204] – Ability to view objects and contents of objects as they are attached to avatar.
  • [RAD-237] – Auto Item accept
  • [RAD-298] – Ability to see group and group roles keys
  • [RAD-299] – Locate profile or Picks pictures in inventory
  • [RAD-300] – Save pictures from Profile
  • [RAD-303] – Temporary texture uploads
  • [RAD-304] – Allow changing of profile pictures
  • [RAD-307] – Add support for Multiple Attachments

Bug Fixes

  • [RAD-268] – merged ‘Chat+Objects’ Tabs can’t be re-opened
  • [RAD-280] – Autoresponse triggers on System Messages
  • [RAD-282] – BVHDecoder exception
  • [RAD-294] – 3D Scene view takes over 3D Object View, and crashes upon close.
  • [RAD-295] – My avatar gets partially stripped when using Radegast
  • [RAD-301] – Chat log is not recording avatar chatting.
  • [RAD-305] – Radegast can potentially "timeout" during Image Uploads causing loss of funds
  • [RAD-306] – Saved logins only stores one login per grid
  • [RAD-309] – UI updates to -1 linden dollar if a payment fails due to insufficient funds


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows and Mono 2.4 and newer on Linux (2.6 highly recommended, 2.8 will not work due to bugs in it). You can download this release from our downloads page.

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