Radegast 1.28 Released

Example Mesh truck rendered in Radegast

Example Mesh truck rendered in Radegast

Radegast version 1.28 has been released.

This release brings support for better rendering of individual inword objects and HUDs (from list of objects select “3D View”). You can interact with inword objects and HUDs by clicking on them, or choosing sit from the right click context menu. To quickly see list of your own attachments and HUDs select “My¬†Attachments” option from the “Tools” menu.

In addition to that, 1.28 brings ability to upload images, mute individuals, objects or whole groups. UI now supports audible notification for events such us opening new IM sessions, money balance changes, etc. For the full list of changes see the release notes below.

Release Notes: New Features and Improvements

  • [RAD-85] – Ability to mute and unmute people or objects.
  • [RAD-139] – Sound Alerts
  • [RAD-166] – IM arriving sound
  • [RAD-185] – Parameters for own made objects.
  • [RAD-210] – New Feature Request: Auto Close Group Chat and Notices
  • [RAD-216] – Upload Texture
  • [RAD-220] – Feature request for blocking of spams (group muting)
  • [RAD-224] – Ability to set auto log in time between attempts
  • [RAD-241] – Add UI sounds on incoming IM, object rez, delete, money balance changes.
  • [RAD-242] – Create toggle for Alice plugin to let it respond to messages without mentioning the bot’s first name
  • [RAD-245] – Add option to disable AI plugin on start
  • [RAD-255] – Add mesh support for prim workshop
  • [RAD-257] – Ability to look into linked objects
  • [RAD-260] – [patch] Extend NameManager with methods to retrieve UserName and DisplayName
  • [RAD-246] – Improvement for minimize to system tray
  • [RAD-249] – Improve tray icon to show tool tip with logged in user.
  • [RAD-250] – Limit the length of password input to 16 chars.
  • [RAD-251] – Display sim version on the region info console
  • [RAD-252] – Implement Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H Hippos! (SL Viewer VWR-11118)
  • [RAD-254] – If object is updated while viewed in prim workshop, apply changes on the fly
  • [RAD-259] – Ability to change name, description, and permissions of rezzed objects
  • [RAD-261] – Add Tools -> My attachments menu for easily seeing own attacments

Bug Fixes

  • [RAD-4] – group information window buttons close/apply do nothing and refresh seems buggy
  • [RAD-236] – “Detached” Windows Fail to close on Region Restart
  • [RAD-244] – blocking Groups>> General >> receive group notice failed
  • [RAD-247] – Display names input field not clamped in accordance with feature documentation
  • [RAD-253] – PrimWorksop sometimes renders objects upside down
  • [RAD-256] – “Connecting to region” part of login takes long time


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows and Mono 2.4 and newer on Linux (2.6 highly recommended, 2.8 will not work due to bugs in it). You can download this release from our downloads page.

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  1. Paola’s avatar

    hum, mute doesn’t seem to work. I have a cpl of people muted from a group. Checking their profiles the mute button is “active”, but still I can still read their blabbing in group chat… :S

    Un-clicking and re-clicking the mute button doesn’t solve the situation.

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      Hm, I guess that’s an oversight. Inventory offers, local chat, etc. is blocked but not those people in group chat. I knew i missed something :P

  2. Jose’s avatar

    Seems like voice chat still does not work for me. I look around to see if I need a plugin or something but I see no info.

    When I go to voice tab and enable voice I don’t see any inputs or outputs in the drop down menu.

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      Jose, are you on Windows? If you are, you need to have SecondLife 1.23 viewer installed on your system. You don’t have to use it, just needs to be installed.

  3. Dave’s avatar

    I am running Radegast 1.26 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, and it works fine. If I switch to 1.28, it logs me into an infohub somewhere, and I can’t teleport anywhere else – the teleports take forever and fail. Any suggestions?

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      Perhaps grid was having trouble at the time you tried 1.28? Where you get logged in does not depend on the client. The grid login server sends you there.

  4. James’s avatar

    Will 1.30 be the version that supports the new physics layer? Looking forward to getting that release.

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      Yes. It’s already in the nightly builds on the download page.

  5. James’s avatar

    I just tried 1.29.881 and the physics layer has an “X” by it (also doesn’t work using the latest SL2 viewer to view the text client’s avatar). It is showing that it is worn. Is there something one has to do to make it work?

    1. Latif Khalifa’s avatar

      The latest build is 1.29.884. What do you mean the avatar don’t show? It’s shown as cloud?

  6. James’s avatar

    I just tried 1.29.884, and it is working now! In 1.29.881, there was an “X” next to the physics layer in the worn inventory list so it didn’t work. Thanks.

  7. James’s avatar

    Is there a way to set the auto-response to give out a landmark, similar to what Phoenix does? Thanks!

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