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Lightweight client for connecting to Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds.

Radegast is feature rich GUI client. With it's full support for all communication within a virtual world (chat, IM, group IM, friends conference) it's ideal for situations where full 3D client is less than ideal solution, for example, an office environment, too slow a machine and similar.

It's written using libopenmetaverse, and it runs on any platform that supports .NET/mono. Its being actively tested on Windows and Linux.

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  • Chat (local, IM, group, friends conference)
  • Inventory (allows manipulation, deletion of the items, moving them around, sending to other people by dropping item on their profile)
  • Ability to wear/take off clothes and attachments from the inventory
  • Backup of all scripts and notecards from the inventory
  • World map
  • Object finder - list objects nearby, sort them by distance, name, see details
  • A.L.I.C.E AI chat - turn it on in tools menu and have fun with automatic responses to chat/IM generated by a built in Artificial Intelligence
  • List of all avatars in a region (radar), and those within 300m in nearby regions
  • Movement controls
  • Support for activating gestures from the inventory
  • Avatar appearance - others using 3D client will see you appear correctly, and will not be able to tell that you're using a text client
  • Streaming music
  • Accessibility improvements for blind and visually impaired SL'ers
  • Text-To-Speech for reading out loud incoming messages
  • Speech recognition for controlling UI and entering text in chat
  • Experimental voice support for local chat
  • Partial RLV support
  • Manipulation of object contents, notecard and script editing
  • Group management
  • On Windows, support 3D view of in-world objects
  • In-world sounds